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  • Quintuple protection avec Échinacée bio & calcium
  • la recherche de lavera Naturkosmetik a développé une formule sans fluorure et hautement efficace qui, avec une association d’actifs exclusive à base de calcium, protège les dents
  • Vegan, BIO, Nature - 100 % sans silicones, paraffines & huiles minérales - développé et produit au sein d'un site unique en Allemagne
  • 100% cosmétiques naturels certifiés, formulés à base d'ingrédients végétaux naturels et d'extraits de plantes bio ou d'huiles végétales bio
  • Agréées par des laboratoires de test indépendants, nos formules concentrées et naturelles sont un élixir de douceur et d'efficacité pour la peau

Customer Reviews

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Alec Quitzon

It’s not every day I find something that exceeds my expectations… but wow, this is doin it. The ingredients really do work! I wasn’t expecting much at all from a natural solution, then I saw my hair started to grow again, it got my excited. The hair I already had got a boost too, looks thick and isn’t falling out anymore. Great product and worth every penny!

Macie Huels

Excellent company and product!! It's working for me! Seeing less and less hair in my comb. Now I can see some regrowth that is about an inch long after my second order. I highly recommend this product, would give it 10 stars if I could. Not kidding at all.

Webster Beer

Totally worth the price. Easy to use it with the shampoo. Also, lots of hair regrowth occurred in 2 months using it.

Mason Torp

Most everyone in my family has alopecia and I was just looking for something to help reduce the effects when I stumbled on this… to my surprise it did more than slow down the effects, it ended up restoring bald patches on my scalp. It was a slow and steady process that took months, but the end result is worth it. My friend just got on this too, after they saw my results. It’s an awesome product!

Kiera Medhurst

I’ve searched for and tried endless products. I feel like I found this best hair growth product, FINALLY. I say that because it delivers tangible results. When I look in the mirror I can see my hair has improved and the increase in thickness is unreal. I didn’t think it would be possible due to all the previous disappointments but this changed my mind and my hair for the better!