Biceps Training

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About this product

  • Muscle Building Equipment: Bring out your herculean body visage with FightX arm blaster. Get mighty biceps, triceps and forearm muscles within weeks of training with this modern gym equipment. Claim the game with our arm blaster.
  • Target Bicep Muscles: While it enhances the entire trunk shape of your body, its main focus is your bicep muscles. Fill up your bony arms with bulky biceps as FightX arm blaster isolates and targets specifically your bicep muscles. This targeted contouring and muscle building improves your strength for the game and levels up your confidence.
  • ✔ Irresistible Design: Neoprene neck pad, thick elbow pads, comfortable nylon belt and an adjustable strap - all come together to give you the best design of a curl blaster in the market. Comfortable and adjustable, this intricately detailed design can never not be your choice.
  • ✔ Mighty Construction: FightX blaster buildup can hardly feature any flaw in its construction. Designed and built by fitness experts, this curl blaster supports sturdy aluminium material, strong rivets and neoprene elbow pads. No cuts or cracks to stop you from hitting an extra punch in the gym!
  • ✔ Perfects your body posture. Your entire body shall be well adjusted for your training goals. Try our flawless arm blaster and improve your body posture by fighting swinging elbows, imbalanced chest muscles and bony arms. Bring composure and strength in the body within weeks of training with our arm gear. Build your core with efficiency!