Dried Pampas Grass

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  • NO SHEDDING, NO STENCHY SMELL - This High Quality Naturel Dried Pampas Grass never shed or smell stenchy. Stems and leafs are big, tall and fluffy. When you put the dried pampas grass in the vase, they will fill your vase completely. 1 Bundle is enough to fill your vase. PHOTOS ARE 100 % REAL PRODUCT IMAGES.
  • PACK CONTENT AND SIZE DETAILS - 1 pack of dried pampas grass inlcludes 15 pcs of big, tall and fluffy stems. Total length : 45’’ (100cm) Width : 8’’ (20cm). Vase is not included in the pack. NOTE: Sizes may have slight differences between 1-3 inch.
  • SAFETY PACKAGE - We use carton box and bubble wrap. Thus when your order arrives, you can use your pampas grass as undamaged and intact as a beatiful décor. Stems are durable, cannot break easily.
  • COLOR - Natural light brown-light yellow. This natural color is very elegant. NOTE: Color tone may have slight differences.
  • BEFORE USE - After opening your pampas grass package, please put it under the sun for 2-3 hours and shake slightly 1-2 times. After opening package, 2-3 days later leafs will be fluffy. After that you can use this beatiful natural dried pampas graass as decor or gift.

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Randi Becker


Pink Fisher

Товар оказался неплохим, но очень неприятно пахнет. Проверим, не отравлюсь ли от этого запаха. И ещё повредился во время транспортировки.

Melany Gottlieb

Dried Pampas Grass

Dedrick Satterfield


Ernestine Hettinger

Dried Pampas Grass