Girl Figurine Resin Sculpture Abstract

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  • matériel : Résine de protection de l’environnement
  • taille(cm): Environ 23*12.5*59 cm / 9.05*4.92*23.22 po
  • Multi-usage-c’est un article frais qui est lavable, ne s’estompe pas et est très durable. Belles images, adaptées à la maison, le bureau et la décoration de studio. C’est aussi une excellente collection.
  • Pour ceux qui aiment collectionner cette belle sculpture, c’est aussi une excellente idée cadeau, et il est également très approprié pour votre maison, bureau, salle à manger, armoire, cuisine, sculpture de statue décorative.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lotte Hendriks

Very beautiful just incomparable. Worried about the delivery, but everything came OK. Although I chose delivery to pochtomat, but brought a courier from the Mail

Tim Brink

Let's start with the fact that the vase is very cool! But I was not lucky and she suffered during transportation (((two butterflies fell out and one butterfly at all cracked in the middle. For some unknown reason, the AliExpress dispute service refused me to refund the damage, it's a shock to be honest. But the seller himself came to help and was very polite. We found a compromise. Thank you seller! I managed to fix the butterflies, apparently imperceptibly. Money compensation was also received. Thank you!

Thomas Dam

A small marriage is not a face ((scratch. and two butterflies from the head fell off ((. There are suspicions that they were sent like this, broken, because. Vase was packed well, securely

Johannes Brink

Small capacity for flowers and water, but in terms of originality... very like. Cool & middot;

Amber Graaf

The seller put the figurine already with a glued butterfly, but the entrance of the lie she still fell off, why put it was already a damaged product, I did not understand. The seller did not contact...